Motor yacht tour. Barcelona sea skyline tours

Barcelona is a special city; it is amazing. It has mountains and sea, it is urban, but quiet; modern, but retro… It is astonishing from all its sides. For this reason, if you are coming to Barcelona or near to it, we would like you to enjoy it from an special and different point of view: its beautiful and blue sea.

Don’t think it too much and indulge yourself and your colleagues, family or friends with a motor yacht tour to discover the other side of Barcelona. You’ll always remember your trip to Barcelona with a smile on your face

Motor yacht tour. Barcelona skyline trip

Enjoy in a power motor yacht tour during 2, 3 or 4 hours departing from the city centre (Port Olimpic) and sailing along Barcelona Coast. We will provide you a full service package where everything will be included in the price: fuel, crew, soft drinks, snacks, champagne & wines. You will be able to see the skyline of the city from the sea and you will have time to stop on the north for an exciting immersion on the Mediterranean Sea.

Motor Yacht tour, one way trips

Barcelona is wonderful, but its surroundings too. Because of that, we also provide one-way trips to other cities. The Most common one-way trip is the one that goes from Barcelona to Sitges, or the opposite one, from Sitges to Barcelona. As it is a little bit far and we would like you to full enjoy it, we offer a 2 and a half hours trip. We will provide you a full service package where everything will be included in the price: fuel, crew, soft drinks, snacks, champagne & wines. Moreover, the yacht will stop on Garraf Coast and you will have time to swim on the Mediterranean Sea.

How is a tipical yacht tour?

We provide 3 types of yacht tours depending on the activity you would like to do:

1- Corporate groups. We know that some people come to Barcelona, not just to enjoy, but also to work or for business meetings. We like to provide a different activity to enjoy in the city after the hard work or successful agreements. For that reason, we are always available on the phone or email to talk about the availability, type of boats and additional services as catering, lunch on board or special drinks package.

2- Barcelona family events (tourist visitors).  We also provide private sea tours for couples or families with children. We work with most of the hotels in Barcelona to give tourist families the opportunity to enjoy a relaxed, close and funny trip. We are as much flexible as possible in order to satisfy all the requirements of family groups. For this reason, we have child life jackets, and some small water toys on board for them to enjoy it the most. Under requirement, we can offer special kids menu and vegetarian menu options.

3- Friend parties.  We know that people love to be with their friends, but sometimes it is difficult to not usually do the same. That’s why we provide friend trips to enjoy in a different, funny and fresh activity together. The motor yacht boat is perfect for them because it is private, but at responsible price.

What is the price?

All the activities we provide include everything that you will need to have a nice time on board: the boat, the captain, the crew, drinks and nibbles, deck towels. You can also bring your own music or enjoy our sundeck meanwhile you are having a cold drink from our fridge.

  • 2 hours 940,00 euro
  • 3 hours 1150,00 euro
  • 4 hours 1450,00 euro

Please, use the following e-mail addres for contact us or contract a boat tour

telf. +34 661 352 482